Edge Treatments

The Carpet Workroom offers many beautiful and durable edge treatment options with a wide range of color selections, styles, and materials available to prolong the life of your carpets and rugs.

Carpet Binding:

Carpet binding refers to the application of a woven cloth tape to the raw edge of a carpet. The Carpet Workroom uses the finest materials available and generally attaches the binding to the carpet using a sewing machine designed for that purpose. We have over 200 colors available which gives us the ability to match almost any shade of carpet.

Carpet binding is also a great way to utilize those pieces of carpet that are left over from your carpet installation. You can use these pieces as rugs in doorways and entrances to help reduce wear and tear on the installed carpet.

Carpet & Rug Serging

Serging is the continuous wrapping of the edge of a carpet or rug with yarn so as to secure the edge and give it a finished look. We use a cotton serging thread available in approximately 125 different colors.

Custom Fringe Application

The Carpet Workroom stocks several cotton fringes available in knotted or unknotted styles (usually found on the end of oriental rugs). Our application techniques and attention to detail assure a tailored and durable finish for your rug.

We also offer repairs on machine made oriental rugs, such as new serging and replacement or removal
of fringe.

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